Life is becoming more and more stressed; therefore, the preservation of tranquil areas in the environment is an important issue that must be confronted. It is easier to carry out the preservation of these areas if everybody is aware of their importance, their location and which factors cause more disturbance and contribute to the disappearance of tranquil areas. This image shows the destruction of tranquil areas in the las decades of the previous century
The objective of this webpage is to approach Tranquillity to normal users. Tranquillity is afected by several threats,the most important ones are:

New buildings and infraestructure

Housing covers the biggest amount of countryside compared with any other kind of development, for example, an area as big as Leicester disappears every year under new urban development.

New roads

It is projected that traffic will increase by 30% by 2015, thus new roads have been built and roads widened, extending their noise footprint over the countryside.

More planes and runways

Air traffic has trebled over the past 20 years and it is forecast to grow by 4-5% each year in the future.

Increased light pollution

The visibility of a starry sky is an important aspect of tranquillity, but between 1993 and 2000 light pollution has increased 24%, reducing the truly dark night area sky from 15% to 11%.

Inadequate funding for land management

There is growing concern about the ability of farmers to find the resources necessary to maintain land in a way which protects and enhances the experience of tranquillity. Farmers can manage land in a way that preserves its traditional qualities.