Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 3 – Pi Society

Some of the students here at Cranfield University, are involved in our new ‘Pi Society’ – a gathering of folk with an interest in the amazing new Raspberry Pi’s and all that can be done with them. This video is a guide to the Raspberry Pi kits that are provided, from the Pi Hut, comprising the Pi kit itself, plus the fantastic Cam Jam sensor edu-kit.

In this first tutorial, we set up a Raspberry Pi 3 computer, and the CamJam Sensor kit. These materials were purchased in the UK from the Pi Hut (http://thepihut.com). In this tutorial, we unpack and sat up the fantastic new Raspberry Pi 3 kit, together with the Cam Jam sensor kit – offering a superb platform to learn more about micro computers, programming, sensors and the Internet of Things.

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