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Spreading some festive cheer

Before we wrap up for the Christmas and New Year break at Cranfield University, here’s fun little map we’ve put together. Using the twitter4j Java library and the Twitter API, we collected a sample of 80,000 geotagged tweets over a three day period this week that matched a short list of festive and Christmas related keywords. The data was then plotted onto a map of the UK and grouped by county. The totals were then normalised against a random sample of 38,000 tweets, also grouped by county, that were collected earlier in the year. This removed the effect of Twitter population density, leaving the concentration of Christmas tweets in relation to that county’s normal levels of Twitter activity.

The Highlands, Cumbria, North Yorkshire, Norfolk and central Wales certainly seem to be getting into the spirit of things. The south of England on the other hand has some catching up to do, in comparison. We should add that at no stage have we measured sentiment (good or bad), simply instances of related keywords.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all at Geothread!

Festive cheer Twitter map

Santa sightings

It seems appropriate that we leave you with something festive and fun before we take a break here at Cranfield University for Christmas and New Year. We’ve pooled together our mapping and data processing expertise and are proud to present you with The Unofficial Santa Sightings Map, 2012. The map takes its data from Twitter in the form of geotagged tweets posted over the past few days. It would appear Santa’s been doing a fair bit of travelling this week, with a surprising number of sightings as far north as the Highlands of Scotland.

A very merry Christmas and happy New Year to you all, see you in 2013.

Santa sightings, 2012

Santa sightings, 2012