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Big Data and Environmental Informatics

Today the sheer volume of environmental ‘big data’ gathered by real-time sensors, data loggers, satellite and aerial remote observation platforms, machinery and simulation outputs, such as climate-change models, can challenge traditional methods for structuring, manipulating and outputting digital information used for decision support. Such spatio-temporal knowledge is required to improve our understanding and management of environmental systems. New informatics techniques can help address this challenge.

Above is a video made of a seminar presented by Cranfield University’s Dr Stephen Hallett, held on 14 May 2014, discussing how current research activities in environmental informatics are addressing the theme of ‘Big Data’, touching on approaches such as data mining, statistical interpretation, and predictive analytics for handling such ‘big data’.

The Seminar was Chaired by Professor Simon Pollard, Cranfield University and Julie Vaughan, Senior Associate, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP.