Here are a few more complete web mapping tools to showcase what our Cranfield students do in the GIS arena.

Theses – Student personal projects

Every year, our students undertake a personal research project, or thesis, lasting 3 to 4 months. The thesis allows students to consolidate learning aspects of the course they have followed whilst applying their knowledge to a real–world situation. Many of the projects that are undertaken have industrial sponsors, Where the thesis topic is selected to exemplify realistic scenarios. Presented below are an indicative selection of theses following the geospatial and informatic themes.

Cortés. Feasibility of remote sensing techniques for assessing an opencast coal mine reclamation project in La Jagua de Ibirico, Colombia Haddock. Assessing the hydrological impacts of urban creep within Haydon Wick, Swindon
Kwanin. Mapping North Africa Soils Using Remote Sensing Methods Meyer. Towards an Integrated Early Warning System for detecting the onset of Desertification in Libya
Milner. 3D Building Models: An Investigation into the Development of a 3D GIS Model for Ordnance Survey Osborne. Feasibility of using Sentinel-1 radar data for crop classification
Pook. The design of a community-led water quality monitoring scheme and data collection application for the River Lea through Luton Woloszyn. Use of MODIS time-series NDVI for characterising crop types in the USA state of Kansas
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Tranquility Mapping

A bit of an older example of work now – and not with all parts working when posted to this site here, but this tranquility mapping project is indicative of the sort of research project undertaken.

Tranquility Mapping showcase site

Please note that the works represented here are student projects and are offered to provide an indicative flavour of student GIS and wider informatics work at Cranfield. Any results or opinions in these works should be considered in that view.