Cranfield to launch new MSc in Environmental Informatics – intake September 2013

Cranfield University is due to launch a new MSc in ‘Environmental Informatics’ from September 2013. ‘Big data’ is being constantly gathered by real-time sensors, data loggers, satellite and aerial remote observation platforms, machinery and simulation outputs, such as climate-change models. Spatio-temporal knowledge from this data is required to improve our understanding and management of environmental systems and new informatics techniques can help achieve this. However, the sheer volumes of such data challenge traditional methods for structuring, manipulating and outputting information for decision support. Environmental Informatics will teach key skills and techniques such as data mining, statistical interpretation, visualisation and predictive analytics for handling such ‘big data’.

Graduates of the Environmental Informatics MSc will possess the practical skills and capabilities necessary to manage and manipulate ‘big data’ and deliver online web services, providing access to effective information tailored to the management of environmental systems.

This course prepares you for a career in environmental informatics, nationally and internationally, and across a wide range of industry, government, consultancy, utility and research organisations, addressing issues such as climate change, flood risk assessment, tropical deforestation, transportation, smart navigation systems, disaster response management, recreation, property management and telecommunications.

Full and part-time students will gain skills and knowledge delivering significant business benefits to their employers, promoting progression to more senior future roles.